Fresh starts are used for self-care.

A person should be more selective in their performance resets, and recognize in themselves the difference between their good and bad past performance. If a person has been succeeding and hitting their goals, it’d be wise for them to avoid starting tasks on temporal landmarks.

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For instance, this can be achieved by exaggerating the nature of a continued goal process and drawing attention to the previous periods’ reporting and metrics.

A person who’s doing well thus far on a particular project could, let’s say, see Monday not as a new start to the week, but as a regular day that continues from the day previous. Not to condone working over-time on weekends, but it might even help to do a little bit of work on the Sunday.

Too often, though, we don’t recognize our fresh starts—especially the small ones—for the power they can have. We gloss over them, underutilizing what could otherwise have been a force for good in our lives.

The key, then, is mindfully capitalizing on your energy in order to really make a fresh start count. That way when your energy eventually wanes (like it usually does a month or two after a big move), you’ve gotten all the mileage you possibly could have out of that fresh start.

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