Black History Month arrives and leaves and there are people that we should give flowers to that we don’t even acknowledge.

Patricia Bath- is known for inventing a tool and procedure for the removal of cataracts using a laser beam calledo the Laserphaco Probe. She was the first African-American to complete a residency in ophthalmology and the first female appointed to the faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles

Sarah Boone created the collapsible isn board. She created it in 1832 in North Carolina. Prior to an iron board people would use a plank of wood and place it bewteen two chairs. She added the padded cover so that clothes would be smooth and undamaged.

Marie V Brown creased the first closed circuit camera. Marie and her partner, Albert Brown, who was an electronics technician, applied for a patent for their invention on August 1, 1966. Their patent was filed for their Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance, a closed circuit television system, known today as CCTV system.

Henrietta Bradberry created the bed back. Yes. The Bedback you use everyday was created by blackwoman

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