28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.-Romans 8:28 

Monday mornings can be hard. You can set the tone by taking these steps by remembering  that God has good for us but things need to work together.

1- Start your day with a prayer. I promise the time you take to spend with the Lord is invaluable. Prayer is often the last action people take. When we pray, it says a lot about us. If we wait and pray later rather than earlier, it says we believe we do not need God very much. If we pray first when a situation occurs, it means we know we need God very much.

2- Lay out a plan for your week. A pen and some paper is our way of remembering things externally, and it’s much more permanent. You can also use a computer or a smart phone. You will only further complicate your life by trying to contain important dates and reminders in your head. Write down everything: shopping lists for groceries, holiday gifts, home decor, and important dates like meetings and birthdays.

3- Schedule some down time. Everyone needs time to do nothing.  God even rested and enjoyed his friends.Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life. A wandering mind unsticks us in time so that we can learn from the past and plan for the future. Moments of respite may even be necessary to keep one’s moral compass in working order and maintain a sense of self

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