monday meditation

On Monday mornings, we tend to think of our lives as miserable. I am not sure why Mondays are filled with dread.  Most people will tell you how much they hate Monday mornings. Much of the time we associate Mondays,  with heading to work and returning t the grind.

Don’t focus on the negative of that.

Remember that you are with more than any amount of material things  that you garner.

You might have no family; you might be living in a cardboard box and eating from rubbish piles to survive, but that doesn’t make you any less valuable to God than a person who has billions of dollars and has six or more different mansions to live in. 

  What you are is what is valuable to God ‘ not what you have or don’t have. 

You are an eternal spirit being.  Your spirit will live forever.  Because God created you in His image, your spirit has no choice but to live forever.

If your mind is filled with thoughts of worthlessness, shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem, then it is time this morning to get rid of that insecurity. Some may ask; “how do I get rid of insecurity that has been there my whole life?” If you have ever felt that way, you need to listen to the messages for the next few weeks, because the only way that we can get rid of those feelings is by realizing that YOU are God’s most prized-possession! If God had to choose the finest thing that He has ever created – He would choose you!

Jesus said that we are to love one another even as we love ourselves.

You are somebody special to God.

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