Commitment Day Kicks Off New Year’s Day #NewyearsDay

Commitment Day kicks off the New Year on the first day of the new year. It is a time to demonstrate your affections by committing, in one way or the other, to something or someone close to your heart.

One act of commitment that is close to mind is matrimony. Marriage is the greatest act of commitment — a show of affection, respect, undying love, and the willingness to spend a lifetime together. Commitment is not only limited to saying “I do” or “till death do us apart.” You can make a commitment to yourself in areas of personal or professional development, or in simply living a healthier lifestyle.

You can use Commitment Day to dedicate time and effort. Here are a few ways to do it.

  1. Commit to a healthier lifestyle. If you are a junk food junkie, consume too much coffee, sit all day in front of your laptop, or perform little physical activity, it’s time to commit to a healthier lifestyle. You can start by joining a gym, changing your diet.
  2. Commit to a loved one. If you are in a relationship, you can spend more time with your partner and give them the attention they deserve. Even if you are not in a relationship, you can commit to spending more time with your parents; call and visit them more frequently. You can also commit to taking your relationship further with a loved one by giving them a ring.
  3. Commit to something you have always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or skill or build a new career but you have always faltered. Commitment Day is the perfect day to start dedicating yourself to that task. You can begin with something like “30 days of language learning” or “3o days of learning a new skill.” Post it on your social media account (Twitter, preferably) and update it every day to keep yourself accountable.
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