jesuson crossToday is Good Friday and it’s time to get out of the blame trap and get right.

God calls us to examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5; Lamentations 3:40), but healthy self-examination is a difficult and dangerous duty. The flesh seizes self-examination as an opportunity to turn our thoughts against us.

Introspection is deceptive because it often looks like we’re doing the right thing: we’re not indifferent to our sin — we want to seek it out! But when that introspection makes us self-absorbed instead of Christ-absorbed, we undermine our faith.

If you are currently lost in the maze of introspective concerns, aware of the confusion and chaos within, and burdened by renegade self-reflection, the best thing you can do is soak in the sunshine of God’s truth.

Today we hear in the scriptures the questioning of Jesus by Pontius Pilate.  The topic of truth comes up. Deep introspection reveals truth. Truth is embracing who you are and who you are meant to be. It means shedding off the past.

How many times do we all revisit the hurts and pains of our past? Today is the day we leave all that at the foot of the cross. I know it is hard. We are to leaves all the struggles and pain at the foot of the cross. It doesn’t mean we will never hurt or not bare the scars of that pain. It means that we take solace and consolation in that Jesus took the burden that you have to his cross for you.

Go to the word, hear the voice of the Lord, and experience the flood of divine light pouring into your mind with clarity and comfort. That’s what grace is.


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