The 4th of July prayers are one that celebrate the freedom of this nation’s great people.

Weakness unites people more than common strengths do. We all have weaknesses and we all sin. None of us are perfect. We all need each other to live our best lives. When God is our Lord, joy helps people to understand and forgive others.

Dear God, help us to live in harmony with each other. Erase lines of division. Help us to think godly thoughts of love and forgiveness. Begin by bringing unity with believers in the Lord Jesus and then let that spread to all other people so that more and more people might become believers in You.

This one is strong.

In the Name of Jesus, the citizens of the United States of America remember and esteem the Constitution. We shall understand that the finger of God was upon the writing and signing of the Constitution. As our Founding Fathers wrote our beloved document with a diversity of interests, we now as citizens agree on its authority even with our own diverse interests.” –Inspired by Alexander Hamilton, addressing the Constitutional Convention.Amen

(Psalm 8:3).

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  1. If only more of us would come together playfully.

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