Fashionable, Ethically Conscious Gifts that Give Back

The saying always goes, it’s better to give than to receive – and it’s even better when the gift gives back. Add UWEZO to your holiday shopping list! Transcending age, race, gender, economic status, and fashion trends, UWEZO translates to “talent, capacity, ability” in Swahili – the best shoe to take you there and get it done. With each dollar you spend, you create the world you want to live in. UWEZO shoes for men and women are uniquely crafted from hair-on cowhide. With each UWEZO purchase, a portion of proceeds are donated towards scholarships for children in east Africa

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression – show the world what you care about with UWEZO.

Help spread joy with a gift that gives a double whammy of giving goodness! A brand that benefits the community, shop for a cause this 

season with the unique designs from UWEZO:

  • Natural hair-on cowhide
  • Top stitching detail
  • Modern, courageous style
  • Designs styled for Men & Women
  • Mottled patterns unique to each hide
  • Custom shoelaces

We are blessed to be surrounded by love this time of year. Don’t take it for granted – celebrate the holidays with UWEZO, the gift that truly gives back!

A nonprofit formed in 2006, Empower African Children aims to help underprivileged children of Africa by creating a transformative and globally connected learning experience, giving voice and hope to Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children. A percentage of UWEZO’s profits generate scholarship funds for Empower African Children and opportunity for East Africans.

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